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Er gwybodaeth / For your information :-
RM Easimaths –  Rydym wedi cael trafodaeth gyda staff a disgyblion yr ysgol, ac wedi dod i benderfyniad na fyddwn yn parhau i ddefnyddio RM Easimaths. Byddwn yn edrych mewn i raglen ar-lein arall dros yr wythnosau nesaf. 

We have had a discussion with staff and pupils at school, and have come to a decision that we will not continue to use RM Easimaths. We’ll be looking into another online programmes over the coming weeks.

TT Rockstars

Byddwn yn parhau i annog plant i ddefnyddio TT Rockstars er mwyn ymarfer ei tablau.  Hoffwn dynnu eich sylw at y neges isod rydym wedi derbyn gan y cwmni sy’n creu TT Rockstars. 

We will continue to encourage children to use TT Rockstars to practice their tables. I would like to draw your attention to the message below that we have received from the company that creates TT Rockstars.

This is an automatic email to let you know your students have played on very out-of-date versions of Times Tables Rock Stars in the last 7 days.

It’s important that they use the latest versions of the app and and website to ensure they receive the most secure, feature-rich and enjoyable experience of Times Tables Rock Stars. Some of the versions are so far behind that they’re missing out on key updates. 

To find out who they were, please visit Settings & Admin > Version Updates

Solution – if they’re playing at home

If using the website at home, please ask parents to visit to load the latest version in their device’s browser. Otherwise ask parents to update the Times Tables Rock Stars app from the app store.

Kind regards,

The MathsCircleTeam