SCHOLASTICBOOKFAIR9/11/23 – 16/11/23

SCHOLASTICBOOKFAIR– after school until around 4.30p.m. (dependant on how busy) each day – starting tomorrow. Please come to the main entrance as thebookcases will be in the library area. 

We will be using the online system for paying – link below. A QR code will be available for you to scan to buy anybooks on the day and we will ask for the reference number as confirmation that you have paid. 

When paying, they will ask for the school postcode which is CH7 1PS. 
All the children will have an opportunity during the week to see thebooks in the cases. Your child may come home with a Wish List (please email your child’s teacher if you would like this). These are designed to allow your child to make a note of thebooks they would like to purchase from thebookcases if you are unable to attend theBookFairin person. You can then pay for thesebooks using ouronline payment system and you will be given a reference number for payment. This needs to be noted on the wish List to prove that you have paid andmust be returned to your child’s schoolso the school can distribute the chosenbooks.

There are also some “bits and bobs” available – pencils, pens, rubbers, posters. These always seem to be very popular with the children. 

For your information, we may have to order somebooks but they will hopefully arrive within the week. 

Remember – the school will benefit from any purchases made. Last year, we were able to buy over £500 of new books for the school library.