Rydym newydd dderbyn ebost gan yr Awdurdod Lleol. Dyma grynodeb o’r trefniadau at wythnos nesaf YN UNIG.  Rydym yn erfyn arnoch i ddilyn y canllawiau. Bydd mwy o fanylion i ddilyn yn ystod yr oriau nesaf.

We have just received this email from the Local Authority. Here is a summary of the arrangements for next week ONLY. We strongly urge you to follow the guidelines. More details will follow in the next few hours.

Dear Colleagues,

We have taken the decision that all schools who are able to, should open on Monday 23rd March to provide provision for children whose parents are vital workers, in the instance where they are either:

·A single parent whom is a vital worker

·Both parents are vital workers

At this point, we are waiting for more detailed information from WG regarding the definition of vital workers.  From a pragmatic perspective, the Council has determined that provision should be made on Monday morning for children of parents who identify themselves as meeting the above criteria.

The expectation is that any child who can safely be cared for at home should be and it is in exceptional circumstances that they will need to access this provision.  It is important that this message is reinforced with parents as the purpose of school closure is ultimately to reduce social contact.

Schools will be expected to offer extended provision to support the working requirements of these vital workers. Schools should plan to be open between 8.00am – 5.30pm

NEWydd (the catering Services) will be able to provide cold meals to cater for ALL children who attend. 

The school transport network will continue to operate for the first week for the children of vital workers should parents need to access it.  This will be reviewed and adapted as the situation unfolds and further information will follow later.

Our Emergency Planning Team are clear that this arrangement will be in place for one week and that planning regarding other arrangements are under discussion.