re refusal of PCR test by 119 service

Subject: re refusal of PCR test by 119 service

Dear Headteacher/school administrators please can you inform your school community of this:

In the event  of 119 NOT responding to wider symptoms we ask staff and parents to insist that the PCR test should be provided and tell them that you have been informed by your Local Authority that all adults and children  with wider symptoms must be provided with a PCR test.

If they refuse school staff or parents should ask for the name of their manager and Email so as an LA we can address this case by case as  it is vital that PCR tests are provided with current cases rising quickly.

Wider Symptoms

PHW have now confirmed a wider range of symptoms that are possibly related to Covid-19. These include


Feeling unusually tired


General ‘flu-like aches and pains (myalgia)


Sore throat and / or hoarseness


Shortness of breath or wheezing


Persistent headache


Runny or blocked nose


Feeling sick (nausea), vomiting or diarrhoea

If one or more of the wider symptoms BUT NOT ONE OF THE THREE MAIN SYMPTOMS is present, then a PCR test should be booked.


Jane Borthwick

Cymorth I ysgolion Cynradd/ Primary school support

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